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Wholesale: Ketoroma Kitchen & Bakery

Please use your company name & details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Once verified, we'll send you log in details to view trade prices and place orders.

  • New here?

    Once you've signed in,order one of the sample packs for free (just pay postage) and see which products are best for you and your customers. You may order both packs if you wish.

  • Low Carb Sample Pack

    1 x Original Low Carb Loaf

    1 x Mixed Seed Low Carb Loaf

    1 pack of 6 Original Low Carb Rolls

    1 pack of 6 Mixed Seed Low Carb Rolls

  • Clean Keto Sample Pack

    1 x Panda Loaf

    1 pack of 6 Panda Rolls

    1 pack of 6 Panda Wraps

  • Mark

    Head of operations and pot wash. Always conducting 'experiments' with the bread recipes... which usually start when he forgets an ingredient. Totally on purpose.

  • Liam

    Head chef. Most commonly seen peeling endless numbers of shallots. Or criticising Mark's baguette-rolling skills.

  • Louis

    We're pretty sure he just turns up for the food. But hey, he weighs lots of ingredients and presses lots of Panda Wraps too.

  • Ella

    Graphic design & communications. All the important stuff, like making snazzy labels and creating this website.